Kill Wealthy Dowager

KILL WEALTHY DOWAGER is a New Jersey based quartet who have been tearing up fretboards in the area for hte past four years with their spicy blend of progressive indie rock.

KWD was founded in 2008 by frontman and former Thursday guitarist, Bull Henderson, and lead guitarist Jon Tarella (Between the Wars), Mike Donatelli (The Procedure) soon joined on drums and in 20111, Swashbuckle (Nuclear Blast Records) frontman Pat Henry joined the band as the new bassist.

THE BAND’s style reveals a wide range of influences and might conjure the catchy guitar trickery of Minus the Bears, the densely layered vocal harmonies of Queen, the head-nodding post hardcore Quicksand, or the blazing guitar solos of Megadeth.

THAT’S BAD ASS is the second LP from Kill Wealthy Dowager and is being released Dec 30th, 2011 by Black Numbers.

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