Over Stars and Gutters

Over Stars and Gutters are a four–piece punk rock band from Oklahoma City. Taking influence from such bands as Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, The Lawrence Arms, and Dillinger Four, their sound is abrasive yet melodic.

Although started in August of 2007, the band experienced lineup changes and did not find its current lineup until late 2008. With all of the pieces in place, OSAG delivered “Consider This Your Curse,” a 10–track debut recorded by Stephen Egerton (The Descendents/All) that has been garnering positive reviews from almost everyone that has laid ears on it.

While carrying their hearts and influences on their sleeves, the band is slowly finding their way through a generation where music tends to be overhyped. Over Stars and Gutters maintains focus on a goal of being a band that is sincere, hopeful, and loud as hell.

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