Pentimento is a punk rock quartet from Buffalo, N.Y., that strives to create a sound focused on the raw emotion of the punk scene it grew up on.

While staying true to the roots and influences of its upbringing, what sets Pentimento apart is the sheer honesty and authenticity present in its music. Pentimento’s goal has always been to share passionate music with others. Its hope has always been for listeners to develop a personal relationship with its music, eclipsing the traditional band-to-fan acquaintance and fusing a deeper bond.

Pentimento released in late 2012 its debut full-length album, a self-titled record that was released independently for free on the Internet. Supporters of the band came out in full force, generously donating to the band to help it pay for its recording budget. The self-titled LP followed up an EP called Wrecked and a split with Young English in the band’s young career.Without a doubt, Pentimento is the band’s most impressive work to date. The record plays out like a modern-day Tell All Your Friends with undertones of early Hot Water Music. The passionate lyricism is what strikes listeners first, with standout tracks like “Circles” and “Almost Atlantic” providing memorable one-liners that beg to be belted out at live shows. The band will release Pentimento on vinyl via Paper + Plastick Records and on CD and cassette via Black Numbers on May 7, 2013.

-Thomas Nassiff
Exit 384 Media

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