Sakes Alive!!


Sakes Alive!! is the struggle for freedom. Living creatively as a lifestyle. The genuine desire to create and live this life exactly how we all see fit. To be free artistically, financially, mobility, psychologically, and in every other way we all want. The fight against the regret of our day job, debt, places we live, the politics that our lives are lead by, the media psychosis taking over whatever free thought we have left – these things that haunt us. For us to simply live and let live.

It took me a long time to reach this realization. But it’s the echoing ghost of every song of every release Sakes Alive!! has released thus far. Life is far too precious. Each one of our creative endeavors are far too inspiring to be laid down to rot for a day job and home in the suburbs.

I don’t want anyone’s life to be a fleeting, passing moment of merely tolerable existence. We all deserve to live our passions.

Sakes Alive!!’s influences are Glass and Ashes, Dangers, Transistor Transistor, Against Me!, Dillinger Four, None More Black, Gogol Bordello, Foxy Shazam, Man Man, Janelle Monae, and more.

I believe in idealism. I believe in poetic justice and desperation. I believe in passion.

Sakes Alive!! is a punk rock orchestra from Rochester, NY.

-Chris Vandeviver/Sakes Alive!!

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