Scream Hello

Scream Hello has always had issues with timing. Decades ago, childhood friends James and Danny were separated when James’ family moved from central New Jersey to California. When James returned to NJ for college, he and Danny formed Scream Hello. On the eve of entering the studio to record songs that would appear on The Infinite Son, their bassist and drummer quit the band, leaving James and Danny to cut the record with an array of musicians. A look at the liner notes reveals that it took a village to make that record. Scream Hello disbanded a few years later, just months after releasing their full-length Everything Is Always Still Happening.

Despite three releases that calendar year, a creative high-water mark for the band, Scream Hello couldn’t avoid the bug of bad timing.

After nearly a decade in hiatus, Scream Hello has returned to the studio to record a new batch of songs for an upcoming release called This Island Earth. Scream Hello’s sound has never stayed put, dodging genre definitions, while always sounding like Scream Hello. Sure, the passage of time changes all things, unequivocally and without exception. Beyond the miles and years of change, though, runs the thread that has always tied us together: our love for one another, and the joy with which we make music together. It’s past time to get some more of that joy.

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