The Sun The Moon The Stars

Have you ever tried to find someone who was already gone? Taken off to another world, another plane, another dimension? Time travel–Space travel–Alternate universe. it becomes increasingly difficult to catch them once they have dematerialized. Sometimes you still have some things to tell them, to get something off your chest. Emotions, stories, ideas and philosophies. Waves can creep their way in and out of all areas. Under the right circumstances we can hear them, feel them, see them, touch them, and smell them. The Sun The Moon The Stars. Coming from the vast offerings of New Jersey there is no clear pigeon hole. Heavy, dark, sleazy smoked out riffs with a skeleton of hard thick pounding drums and beer battered rusty in your face vocals. From the swamps to the forest, exploration in psychedelics to long nights at the bar, The Sun The Moon The Stars offers vibrations for all senses.

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