Tidal Arms

Since forming in the late summer of 2009, Brooklyn’s Tidal Arms have crafted a unique brand of stormy space-rock that’s as heavy as it is dreamy. The music reflects the diverse collective musical history of singer/guitarist Tom Tierney, drummer Francis Mark, and bassist Patrick Southern. Having played in a wide variety of bands with styles ranging between metal, folk, jazz, hardcore, post-rock, indie pop, blues, and noise, the band members have fused their disparate influences into a beautifully mysterious and massively blown-out sound.

On their self-titled sophomore album, Tidal Arms is a band comfortable with their sound, intent on delving deeper into it with energy and focus. The genre-bending debut laid a unique stylistic blueprint that is further extrapolated in this new set of 10 songs. With elements of post-hardcore, noise rock and doom, the album represents the band’s biggest, heaviest and most psychedelic music to date. Waves of cymbals and punishing drums crash against walls of fuzz, distortion and reverb as the band navigates time and key changes.

In 2011 the band self-released their debut album The Sun Exploding (mixed by Andrew Schneider) to rave reviews. This record led the band on a national tour supporting Glassjaw and a flurry of regional dates. Tidal Arms has shared the stage with such notable acts as Glassjaw, Coliseum, The Body, Caspian, Rosetta, Aa, East of the Wall, Hull, Primitive Weapons, On the Might of Princes, Sainthood Reps, City of Ships and Cerebral Ballzy.

Photo Credit: Lauren Gesswein

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