Black Numbers is 10 years old.

We just turned 10. It’s been a long crazy road here. We’ve worked with a ton of great bands and had a lot of help from our friends. There’s far too many people to list, but for anyone who’s helped this label in any way, thank you.

To celebrate 10 years of BN, we’re doing a 75% off sale in our Bandcamp for the next week. Use code “tenyears” at checkout.

No sales in the webstore just yet, but early 2018 is looking like a good time to do some wild deals on Vinyl. Mark your calendar.

We have at least 5 new releases coming out before the end of the year, as well as a few more with street dates that haven’t been pinned down yet. Help us pay those bills, order a record or two. We’ll be announcing and premiering so much new stuff in the next two weeks.

Thanks for a fun 10 years. See you at The Fest.

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