Black Numbers signs Austin’s Drip-Fed, joins forces with I,Corrupt and CoinToss records to release debut LP

I know it’s been quiet around BNHQ lately, but we’re back with a banger of an LP from Austin, TX’s Drip-Fed.┬áCombining influences like Modern Life is War, Black Flag, The Stooges, and Oasis; Drip-Fed’s self-titled debut is sure to please fans of heavy guitar music as they balance melody and aggression on a razor’s edge.

Black Numbers will be releasing the album on cassettes, which are limited to 100 and available here. Vinyl is available from CoinToss Records in the USA, and I,Corrupt Records has you covered in Europe.

The lovely people over at PunkNews.org are premiering the first single off Drip-Fed’s self-titled debut, “Tell Me Off”. Click here to stream┬áthe track now.

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