Bringing rock and roll back at it’s more basic level, Cassavetes is not trying to reinvent the wheel.  They are making music to play when you just want to hang out, sing along or even console yourself.  Go ahead–it’s OK to have feelings, these guys want to to feel it all.

Reminiscent of early to mid 90’s rock bands such as the first Foo Fighters record, Sugar, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, et al.

Started as a project between Josh Agran (Paint it Black, Pet Milk) and Pat McCunney (Kill the Man Who Questions, Clayton and Fulcrum) with Chris Sigda (Likers) and Jon Murphy (Sore Saints) joining later to round out the group.

Don’t be fooled by the hardcore/punk history of the band mates, but don’t forget it either.  This band is equally heavy and soothing.  Their sound is no doubt a cacophony of melodic rock and roll and pounding punk rock/hardcore, a sound that would go as easily in a sweaty basement as it would in a huge rock arena.

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