Higher Giant

Al’s Moustache, the new Higher Giant seven inch/digital EP comes courtesy of some of the most prolific songwriters in 1990’s era (and beyond) hardcore punk. More than likely, this is a first taste for many, an introduction to a band unfamiliar to most. The lineage behind the record speaks for itself; Singer and Guitarist Ernie Parada has been a songwriting force in such seminal bands as TOKEN ENTRY, BLACK TRAIN JACK, and GREY AREA,. Drummer Dave Wagenshutz has been behind a kit for KID DYNAMITE, GOOD RIDDANCE, LIFETIME, PAINT IT BLACK, NONE MORE BLACK, etc. The band also features Jason Lehrhoff from Warzone and Grey Area and Al Volonino who is self confident enough not to give a shit about what bands he wasn’t in. What’s a record with a lineage like that sound like? Exactly the way you’d expect it, catchy melodic punk most easily compared to the Bouncing Souls. Four tracks to keep this train wreck rolling, one way or the other.

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