Lilac Daze

Lilac Daze, a three-piece band from Frederick, Maryland, blends their love for 1970s New York rock’n’roll, 1990s indie rock, and contemporary pop to generate an unabashedly punk sound with kind sentiments. Evan Braswell (guitar/vocals), Patti Kotrady (bass/vocals), and Matt Henry (drums/vocals) take a collective approach to music making, utilizing their bond as best friends to ensure the contribution of each members’ individual tastes and interests. In December 2012, the band began writing music in Evan’s basement and self-released their first EP, On Forgiving Myself, a month later. In the past few years, the band has completed various tours around the United States and released their Sedated EP on Black Numbers in 2014. While excited for what’s next, including the release of their first self-titled, full-length on October 14th, 2016, Lilac Daze plans to continue their processes of writing, performing, and touring to share the music they hold dear.

Lilac Daze is..
Evan Braswell – Guitar/Vox
Patti Kotrady – Bass/Vox
Matt Henry – Drums/Vox

Photo Credit: Michael Andrade

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