Muscle & Bone

In mid 2012, Adam Gross (guitar) and Rob Travis (guitar, vocals) met with Ryan Hoots (drums) of Robs former band Fairground Avenue, in the hopes of creating something heavily focused on sounding like the records and bands they had grown up with.  Within a months time, they had written 5 songs before even finding a bassist.  Chris French (bass) formerly of Joie De Vivre, moved down and began playing bass out of sheer boredom.  They recorded a self titled EP over the summer with heavy focus on melodies and interplaying guitar lines.  Their songs “No Return” and “Bones & Muscles” were called the best get-sad jams of the year by some guy on the internet. This EP was released on 12′ by Bitter Melody Records with an added The Anniversary cover.

Through 2013 more songs were written for an upcoming full length.  Picking apart elements from hardcore, pop, emo and 90’s rock, they continued to weave dark lyrics and themes with a more straightforward approach. Chris French moved away to master golf and was replaced by Josh Cooke of Calormen fame, but the band was already on a road to simple structures. Maturing is a trite saying but it’s inevitable of any band, and the future progress is only getting weirder.

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