Surviving from the fall of 1994 to the end of 2001, a group of musicians formed a band that lived vibrantly between the time that Hardcore and Punk-Rock grew from musical tastes dominated by basement revolutionaries to the malls’ Hot Topic. Originating in the cultural isolation of central New Jersey and yet evolving into one of the busiest and arguably most pioneering musical groups of their era, the long pursued release on Black Numbers of this final discography, compiling two seven inches, two full length records and the band’s final demos, introduces the listener to the musical education of a maturing band. Working hard to impress, Purpose grew to be one of the most influential bands in the New York/New Jersey and Pennsylvania scenes, leading members into forming such notable groups as Saves the Day, Thursday, The Break, The Procedure, Between the Wars, and Trashtalk in the Kingdom. Moving from the simple and angry sounds of Washington D.C. influenced ‘80’s punk rock to the more complicated and equally angry post-hardcore, this discography embodies almost a decade of struggle, countless member changes, and hundreds of live shows; from dirt floor basements in Oklahoma to the most unlikely clubs in L.A., all played on equipment dragged from the back of a windowless, ancient van. With intelligent lyrics, iconic art, violent delivery and an independent sound, Purpose made an effort to stand on its own, even when surrounded by friends. Walking the difficult line between genres and scenes, Purpose shared stages with great bands from Samiam to Ensign and World Inferno to Atreyu. The band’s decision to part in the winter of ’01 came with the popularity of hardcore larger than ever, but with fashion and chance cemented firmly as success’ decider. Known for its passion, intensity and tremendous presence onstage, Purpose has left us with a reminder of what a hopeful thing the 1990’s hardcore and punk rock were, and that records were supposed to be primers to prepare the listener for participation at the next show. The discography of this seminal New Jersey Hardcore band left the world with one less group that we all may have been only modestly aware of during its life, but that has unquestionably influenced the music that we listen to after its death. Play it loud.

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