Roger Harvey

Coming of age in Pennsylvania’s snowbelt and traveling with bands since before he was a teenager, Harvey began cutting his songwriting teeth in his early 20s as DANDELION SNOW while laying down new roots in Kings County, Brooklyn. Relocating back to his home state in 2010 to form the punk act WHITE WIVES, he quickly began collecting new material.

After befriending producer/multi-instrumentalist J. Vega in 2012, the two holed up for over a year in Vega’s The Wilderness Recording Studio, to piece together a new album, Twelve Houses, with the help of nearly a dozen friends and local music makers. Starting as a single recording session and evolving into the accidental formation of a live band. Harvey and Vega convened with drummer Erik Pitluga and bassist Josh Hovanec to bring the songs to the stage.

As heartbreaking as it is uplifting, Twelve Houses is a fiercely deliberate case study on nostalgia, perspective, and transformation. A beautifully lush record connected by recurring themes and symbolism, the album veers effortlessly from guitar rock to psychedelia, at times intimately minimal and others instrumentally over saturated. A record itself born in Pittsburgh, Twelve Houses represents a culmination of Harvey’s collected experiences, travels, and influences. Harvey’s sharp lyrical prowess takes central stage, amidst a multitude of instrumentation and effects. A beautifully lush record saturated with horns, pedal steel guitars, unique percussion, and reverb Twelve Houses sounds like the record Jeff Mangum(NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL) would have made if he’d grown up in the ‘90s.

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