Scary Stories

Scary Stories is a New Jersey quartet whose members have a long history of being in other bands. When Scary Stories formed, they got to work making aggressive music that branched out from their previous efforts, trying to avoid the reaction of, “Oh, these guys again?” Soon after the first few shows, it became clear that this was a unique formation. With each member’s background being slightly different, and all members contributing to the writing process, the resulting songs are dynamic and interesting, while still being heavy and relatively straight forward. Shortly after, the band headed to Backroom Studios to record their debut EP “Shimmers” with Scot Moriarty.


The band has progressed considerably in a short time. Now with a few dozen shows under their belt, Scary Stories is back with their second EP, “Rope.” If “Shimmers” was a band cutting their teeth, “Rope” is where Scary Stories really hits their stride. Scary Stories will be playing several shows in support of the release, including an appearance at The Fest 16 in Gainesville.

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