The Color and Sound

As 2012 drew to a close, The Color and Sound began working through the wide range of their musical backgrounds. Forming from the collateral of two recently deceased Boston bands,the group set out to whittle down their influences and experiences into a uniquely-tinted blend of a modern indie band. The result was The Spring Tour EP, released in March of 2013, pragmatically named minutes before they packed the van and left for their first tour. That following summer, the band traveled out into the mid-west to deliver their energetic and often ludicrous live adaptation of The Spring Tour EP to any attic or bowling alley that would take them.

The Color and Sound used the fall of 2013 to delve further into their spread of influences in an attempt to bring the cacophony of their debut EP down to a singular yet equally defiant statement ranging the experiences they had gone through in their short time as a band. After starting off 2014 following the polar vortex through the mid-west on a short run with Modern Baseball and The Hundred Acre Woods, they returned home to Boston to write their follow-up to The Spring Tour EP, set to release on Black Numbers (insert date). The band feels confident standing behind the music and experiences they made together and look forward to what the rest of 2014 has to offer.

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