Vultures United

Formed in 2007, Vultures United released their debut album “Savages” in April of 2010 on Red Scare Industries. Come 2017, 7 years later, finally their sophomore album “I Still Feel Cold” is due out to be released on September 22nd with Black Numbers and the band’s newly minted record label Outsider Art, along with a cassette tape release on Red Flag Records.


“I Still Feel Cold” is a unique album in a few ways as it’s a concept album in 2 parts. As in, it’s a double album with 30 songs total. The first 15 or so songs (depending on the format you’re listening to) fall under the subtitle “Memory Loss”, sees the band lean more toward the traditional punk/hardcore sound of their first album “Savages”, with less fast straight forward hardcore punk and more garage punk flavors with even a noisier type all around sound. Think Pissed Jeans, Hot Snakes, Nirvana and probably Black Flag all rolled into one. These songs are not as straight away fast hardcore punk like their earlier material but you’ll hear a more raw, louder and angrier approach.


The 2nd part of the album subtitled “Adulthood” sees the band take a refreshingly try-anything approach to songwriting where the influences really take a turn into the more eclectic subgenres of punk rock. Think Fugazi, Pixies, Grinderman, Swans, The Gun Club and Sonic Youth. The aggression is still there, but there’s an unpredictability to this latter part of the album that the band makes all their own.


Thematically, “I Still Feel Cold” revolves around the disappointments life can bring. The ultimate stance the band wanted to present is that life generally is good.That even in someone’s best year, there’s some bad parts. Most of these 30 songs cover the bad stuff. Disappointments in broken friendships, the realization of aging and growing older, losing friends, loss of communication with your partner, the loss of family, the loss of a long time pet, the loss of band members, being over worked by your job, not being part of an in-crowd, religion, and even police brutality. It’s all over the place topically but it’s not all doom and gloom.


The album has the closest thing to a love song the band has ever written with the song “Tiger Lily” and other lighter fair like in the song “Floral Print”.

After experimenting heavily on their last covers EP “Girls”, the band knew that their next effort should keep with the theme of trying new things and pushing themselves sonically, but keeping the spirit of the band intact. So with “I Still Feel Cold” they feel like there’s a song for anyone who’s fan of punk rock and all it’s subgenres.


“I Still Feel Cold” will be released on double CD, double LP and Digitally with Black Numbers and Outsider Art. The Cassette Tape version will be released by Red Flag Records. All out September 22nd, 2017.

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