Fucko is an alternative-pop band from Boston, MA. Made up of siblings Sarah and Jacob Desmarais, Fucko was formed in fall of 2013 in Manchester, New Hampshire with friend David Solender. After releasing a 3-song demo, Fucko began playing shows in the spring of 2014. In early 2015 Fucko began work on recording their first full-length album entitled “Dealing with the Weird.” After recording was completed, David Solender left the band in May 2015 and Sneeze guitarist Derek Desharnais joined the group shortly after

Taking queues from Black Tambourine, Nirvana, That Dog, Tiger Trap and The Breeders, Fucko’s sound is driven, simple and reminiscent of the early-90s alt-rock era. They’re looking forward to a busy 2016 with release of their album on Black Numbers and subsequent tours along the east coast.


Photo Credit: Reid Haithcock (http://www.reidhaithcock.com/)

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